Seviye Tespit Sınavı


- Lütfen her soru için doğru cevabı işaretleyip, en alttaki "GÖNDER" tuşuna basınız.
- Her 2 yanlış cevap 1 doğru cevabı götürecektir.

1. I am (........) student.
a    be  him or
2. That man is (........) doctor.
his the a hepsi
3. (.......) you an English Teacher?
yes are they No
4. No, I (......)
am not are not is not were
5. (.......) are students.
They This Them Then
6. We are (.....) lazy.
those this there not
7. How old (.....) you?
have are not goes
8. I do (.....) know you.
how she not like
9. I don't (.....) that color.
how she not like
10. We go  (.....) school every day.
not your to ours
11. I am (.....) television at the moment.
watching seeing looking viewing
12. Ahmet and Fatma are (......) for you.
seeing sawing looking find
13. Is (.....) your car?
this those his these

14. I am listening (.....) a radio programme.

at to at the in
15. There (.....) a computer in the library.
must be is are
16. He is (.....) student.
him good a beautiful a good
17. A talk (.....) by the headmaster.
was given is gave has gave been give
18. I would like (.....) to help me with my homework.
you we me us
19. You could (.....) to the cinema later.
went were go was
20. (......) like to come to the cafeteria with us?
do you would you don't it wouldn't
21. If I (....) the lottery, I would buy a very expensive car.
was won be am not
22. We (.....) this program every week.
look see watch view
23. She is a very (.....) girl.
her beauty prettily lovely
24. Do you think you could (.....) the lottery if you played every week.
win go would wouldn't
25. I asked (....) to send a fax yesterday.
am you are you are
26. I asked them (.....) to come with us.
are they want are they possible if be wanted if they'd like
27. Do you know if the London train (.....)?
left yet went already is left yet has already left
28. How many children (.....) in your family?
are there there are are there
29. She knows a man (.....) a newsreader on TV.
who is is whom whose would not
30. How many brothers (......)?
they are are they do have have you got?
31. The river is (.....) far away to worry about flooding?
much to to too much too
32. I think that I need (.....) a doctor about this headache.
to look and find to look and see to go and see to look around
33. Do you have a problem (.....) that teacher?
by is with to
34. I have known my best friend (.....).
in 1992 for 4 years July 7, 1992 on time
35. I (.....) to leave the house when the telephone rang
was just getting ready was prepare
preparing myself was just prepared
36. If (.....) to the football match, we would have got wet.
we had gone we were went were going had not went
37. Do they know what (.....) to do?
they supposed they must supposed
is suppose they are supposed
38. If Mr Harris comes here looking for me, please (.....) him to my office.
send show it direct to follow
39. He often comes on weekdays but (.....) comes at the weekends.
much oftener rare seldom
40. They are so different, it's a wonder that they (....) with each other.
got along get along are along went off

Testi tamamladığınızda, lütfen aşağıdaki GÖNDER tuşuna basınız.